User Reviews For: Don't Take Your Hands Away, Arashi!-We Mustn't Get Serious!-


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shadowcat7 Rating
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Ok! This is great!! I wasn't really sure how I felt after only the first chapter, but this 2nd one was the one that sealed the deal. Koko is so ditzy and innocent and Arishi (spell right?) isn't used to women like her. It's so cute!!! Right now she's not in love and he's trying not to fall for her, bad for business. Arts great and the mcs are very likable.
LadyLavellan Rating
This series is so adorable and sweet while still managing to be VERY HOT during the naughty scenes. Kokoro and Arashi's relationship is pure and passionate and was a real pleasure following to the end. I finished reading with a big smile on my face. LOVE this series to bits!
Cris Rating
Fake dating, mutual pining, and escorts oh my! A very cute, short, comic with soft feeling art and a nice smut-to-story ratio. The sex scenes are all consensual, including the romantic interest checking in to make sure she still wanted to continue, which was really nice.My only criticism is that the ending felt rushed, and really could have been two chapters instead of one. It prioritized the sex scene over setting up the emotional climax of the story, but was still a good ending regardless.
Princesslover17 Rating
I love it!! Love the sex and story!!
Guest Rating
Loved it! Want more!
asulliv21 Rating
Very cute story with alot of details.
jj2007 Rating
I love this story, the MC's were so adorable. So pure and intense.
emikoHana Rating
This manga is super cute! Definitely a must read if you want some fluff
georgia83609 Rating
It's great and it's complete!!!
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