User Reviews For: Don't Take Your Hands Away, Arashi!-We Mustn't Get Serious!-


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Mangareader Rating
This series was a wonderful surprise. The character development is on point and misunderstanding are cleared up in a realistic manner. The way the two MCs interact is so sweet and it makes the heart beat super hard. A great story overall!
AngieAurora93 Rating
Ugh so freaking cute!!
Gfys Rating
Probably the best manga on here for real. Amazing main characters, no one forces themselves on anyone, great plot and love scenes, honestly so bomb ????
ebookrenta02hmol8wg Rating
They are just to cute and adorable !
spicewolf19 Rating
This story was adorable!!!! The author added just enough characters to make the drama fun but not enough to make you feel like you couldn't follow the romance of Kokoro and Arashi 100%. I loved the adorable art and the sexy scenes were placed perfectly! Kokoro doesn't feel just like a 2D character that is sickeningly cute and not relatable.
Sighz Rating
Delightfully drawn. Well written. Sexy scenes. It's a good plot, with its sweet moments.
asulliv21 Rating
Very cute story with alot of details.
jj2007 Rating
I love this story, the MC's were so adorable. So pure and intense.
emikoHana Rating
This manga is super cute! Definitely a must read if you want some fluff
georgia83609 Rating
It's great and it's complete!!!
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