User Reviews For: My Lovely Bunny [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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SaraN Rating
Adorable smut. That's really all there is to say. Lots of smexy times with an uke who can't get enough and a seme who thinks he's the cutest ever. The high school romance with flashbacks to how they started out is a story that's been told before, but it's done well here. All the stories are about the main couple, though two of the short stories are from different character's viewpoints, and the last one is a bit... well, taboo? Blurring some boundaries for sure. All in all, definitely worth the buy IMO.
highviiscosity Rating
Super cute and fluffy! Love the art and the dynamic between the two! A nice change of pace if you want to read a story with no conflict and just two happy cute boys who love each other.
ktenos99 Rating
Lots of smut. Lots and lots of it. I love smut, don't get me wrong. Those were some good scenes. I feel like I would've enjoyed it more as a reader though, if we could see the pining and fluff BEFORE all of the smut. It would've been a lot more engaging for me as a reader to see them fall in love before screwing each other like rabbits. Because the two characters are very in love with each other, it would've been sweeter to have the flavor of their relationship introduced like that. But I seriously really like the characters and the art. It's a real good read.
GregorIAN Rating
Not bad - but kind of boring.
Babo Rating
The sister is creepy as fck lol
Thenameislynn Rating
This is really, really sweet and fluffy. The dreamy lovey dovey kind of love. But I love both their siblings. They were supportive of the couple's relationship, esp the little sister. But somehow towards the end, the sis seems to develop a stalker-ish kind of bro-con attitude. Lol! The second couple appeared at the end sort of have an annoying uke. Seems retty bratty too. An overall good read. Give this book a shot. You might like it too.
exia8059 Rating
This is a gem! The art is just so good and the characters are all so damn adorable. There isn't much of a story but the characters are just so happy and fluffy that you also can't help but feel so happy inside. The smut is definitely good, too. Plus, I'm all for the cool, dark-haired uke that's only cute for the seme.The side story is okay but I still stick to the main pair. They are just that cute!
Ren Rating
So cute and sexy!! If you're looking for a light-hearted, sexy read, then this is the yaoi for you! The art is so cute and pretty and's just such a fluffy manga! It's also awesome how, basically, the whole manga is the main couple. So that was an added bonus. Hope to find more by this mangaka <333
sereneione Rating
Pure sexy FLUFF. No thinking required, just read and melt your brains out.
LetMeIn Rating
Wholesome story of two high-school kids being lovey-dovey together. Not much depth in the story, just smexy times, loving kisses and such, but their cuteness does make the reader feel happy and satisfied.
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