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SaraN Rating
Adorable smut. That's really all there is to say. Lots of smexy times with an uke who can't get enough and a seme who thinks he's the cutest ever. The high school romance with flashbacks to how they started out is a story that's been told before, but it's done well here. All the stories are about the main couple, though two of the short stories are from different character's viewpoints, and the last one is a bit... well, taboo? Blurring some boundaries for sure. All in all, definitely worth the buy IMO.
strawbellash Rating
This is so cute but also smutty, but still very adorable and wholesome. though the side story with the sis is a bit... uncalled for lmao, luckily that side story only has like 8 pages or so. Overall it was definitely worth it! I'd def recommend it if you like fluff with lots of smut.
Babo Rating
The sister is creepy as fck lol
msscotchnut Rating
This was so so so cute and sweet and the main couple love each other so so much it's lovely to read about them!! It may seem obvious but of course they are high schoolers (I think seniors..?) and there's even some scenes of them as middle schoolers so if that bugs you maybe skip this one. The nice thing about drawings and fiction tho is that you can imagine them as any age you want in your head which is what I usually do lol. The one thing that kept this from being 5 stars is that there was this super disturbing and uncomfortable “bonus” chapter where the little sister of one of the main characters watches them have s*x and gets really turned on like she wants to be a part of it is even implied and that was the last chapter so it was just a nasty way to leave it off lol but if you skip that then it's totally cute! And the art is SO gorgeous omg I'm obsessed
ktenos99 Rating
Lots of smut. Lots and lots of it. I love smut, don't get me wrong. Those were some good scenes. I feel like I would've enjoyed it more as a reader though, if we could see the pining and fluff BEFORE all of the smut. It would've been a lot more engaging for me as a reader to see them fall in love before screwing each other like rabbits. Because the two characters are very in love with each other, it would've been sweeter to have the flavor of their relationship introduced like that. But I seriously really like the characters and the art. It's a real good read.
Cheshire Rating
Cute art and pretty fluffy. The reason for the 3/5 review is the side story w/the sister is real weird and probably would've better cut.
Elizabeth Rating
OMG this was soooo cute and satisfying; I Love Love Love the sis and the other couples toward the end of the book. Im not sure if they have a book of their own if so imma read it and if not then it needs to be made XD. As for the little sis, she is down right my spirit animal i f'ing love her. \(XwX)/
mizore Rating
I love this artist haikyuu fanarts, and this is my first bl manga of them that I read, but for me this manga is pretty boring. A lots of sex and not much build up. I guess, my taste lean more towards slow build relationships than established one ? also the last chapter with the sister are creepy af.
kyourine Rating
No drama, just two sweethearts being adorable together! So sweet it will give you diabetes. And lots of lovey-dovey smut.
LetMeIn Rating
Wholesome story of two high-school kids being lovey-dovey together. Not much depth in the story, just smexy times, loving kisses and such, but their cuteness does make the reader feel happy and satisfied.
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