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Annetteb Rating
I love this story. It's so cute. I hope they make more.
ebookrenta0rd36hxst Rating
I have rented this and this is so cute!! This series is marked as completed but at the end of chapter 10, it says 'to be continued'... so I maybe wrong but there might be more? Hopefully there is!! I want to see 2nd story couple (Ryouhei and Mitsu (?)) to have a happy ending ??
Waterbaby09 Rating
I absolutely love this story the only thing I am confused is at the end of number 10 it says to be continued but the page says it is completed. I really hope it isn't finished because I want to see more about all of their relationships and possibly even more.
Ren Rating
I've read up to vol. 8 and I love it!! Fair warning: this is all hypnosis kink (much like how the title suggests), which means there is a lot of dubcon/noncon. But, it's yaoi. It's fantasy. I enjoyed it and it still somehow manages to have some fluffy-ish, soft moments. Also, it's interesting how this manga is set up. Since, each 3 sets of chapters focuses on 1 couple. Ex: the cover couple are the first 3 chapters and then there's another couple and then the current couple is chapters 7 & 8 (and I'm sure including 9). There are also some other kinks involved in this awesome manga, but that can be a surprise for you all. ;-)
ladyrosegrey Rating
I LOVE this manga so far.
MioAkiyama Rating
Do you have one of those days of wanting to read a weird BL? This is for you. A hypnotic app that automatically appears on your phone allows you to control the person you want to be intimate with for 6x. Watch how 3 couples get controlled by the other party's desire over lust.
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