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nothanks Rating
I really enjoyed how cute and endearing the couple was, but the last chapter is a total cop-out. I feel like they never made any progress. In the second to last chapter it seemed like they were going to, but then they just did a time-skip and... There was zero progress in their relationship, to the point where no one even knew they were a couple.Pretty disappointed by how this ended, it was really cute.
Carrot Rating
Really enjoying this so far! Super funny and I love that the friends are tryna figure stuff out which leads to the silliest things
animeangel Rating
I really like this story. 2 friends completely clueless about love and being in love. Its makes u think about ur own past. I like both of the characters. The girl is nice not some girly girl she's pretty much a tomboy, and the guy has such a sweet side without being a pushover. I really wanna see the silly adventures they get into.. Can't wait to read more.
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