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Mrsmangame123 Rating
OMG!! I'm dead. This was so funny. I love my geek girls and Mei is a hardcore fan girl. Nothings going right for her; job, living etc. but it looks like that's about to change once Seiji enters her life. He's holding a grudge towards all womankind and Mei is A. O. K with that. In fact she's loving it. She's so freakin adorable. And
cohen5483 Rating
I'm a little conflicted. The plot is HILARIOUS. Basically, the female MC's fantasy man is living with her IRL but he's the complete opposite from the game she plays. He's foul-mouthed and calls the female MC out as he sees it. The female MC has zero interest in IRL men and rather get it on seeing some Yaoi with the male MC...and he's constantly reminded of it and always reacts in total disgust. It's also written with some thought bubbles for the male MC so you can see from his PoV which is thoughtful. There's dub/non-con, however...which kind of came out of the blue... it happened as if it were normal - what the heck? Though there was some remorse after-the-fact, I hope the comedy continues true and strong throughout the series and that the female MC doesn't turn soft and weak later on.
BMorgan Rating
I like it a lot. they just take so long to continue
Bigsmilezrina Rating
Omg it really is so funny. Its been awhile that i laughed out loud like this. I like where it is going. The humor is awesome. The art is nice. The lil scene or session was cut short but it was hot~~! I look forward for the next chapters to come. Hopefully it'll be translated and uploaded fast.
ebookrenta0yyxnfywp Rating
OMG, SO MUCH LOVE FOR THIS ONE. It's funny, juicy & sexy. The storyline sounds cliche, but it ain't. Looking forward to reading the next chapter!
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