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Mrsmangame123 Rating
OMG!! I'm dead. This was so funny. I love my geek girls and Mei is a hardcore fan girl. Nothings going right for her; job, living etc. but it looks like that's about to change once Seiji enters her life. He's holding a grudge towards all womankind and Mei is A. O. K with that. In fact she's loving it. She's so freakin adorable. And
Kazuko Rating
This is just a warning that chapter 5 contains a threesome. So those who don't enjoy it (which includes me) may not want to buy it. Too bad I already bought it:( Which is why I am warning those who don't like itOtherwise, a rather hilarious story despite the dubcon/noncon. However, the MC doesn't seem to mind it so I guess it is all right?
cohen5483 Rating
I'm a little conflicted. The plot is HILARIOUS. Basically, the female MC's fantasy man is living with her IRL but he's the complete opposite from the game she plays. He's foul-mouthed and calls the female MC out as he sees it. The female MC has zero interest in IRL men and rather get it on seeing some Yaoi with the male MC...and he's constantly reminded of it and always reacts in total disgust. It's also written with some thought bubbles for the male MC so you can see from his PoV which is thoughtful. There's dub/non-con, however...which kind of came out of the blue... it happened as if it were normal - what the heck? Though there was some remorse after-the-fact, I hope the comedy continues true and strong throughout the series and that the female MC doesn't turn soft and weak later on.
Whitewolf1273 Rating
I'm two chapters in and the dude is experienced but can't penetrate her without it being painful which is just sad. No wonder he can't win her over. If it turns out he has to stretch her out then well it should be one star then because that is a myth. Sex doesn't loosen vaginal muscles arousal does. It is kind of funny but the sex scenes are are short and the hero is forceful which is boring.
Adamantium Rating
It's kind of ok...I didn't expect to see the same sex scene six times in eight chapters; I expected different guys with her in at least 3 of the chapters if they're going to clickbait every cover with multiple guys on it. I don't really like that it's the same story over and over again. Definitely will not buy again.
sasaraRH Rating
Meier is our(my yaoi fangirl inner geek!!) I love her so much in ch one because she ships Seiji (king) with everyone but herself. Its amazing. [Spoilers] even tho he screws her, she still is so caught up in her yaoi fantasy dreams, shes just like "nah your not straight, you gay and I approve it so much! What you do to me is not the real deal, your really a bottom." I just cant. I'm laughing too much. I love her so much. This series is freaking hilarious and amazing, I just can't. Read it, it's great, ugh, I love the main girl( I connect with her too much I think)
LuzA Rating
Perfect!!! I really love threesome mangas *-*
OT4KU Rating
I quite like the female lead, she's hilarious and an unbothered queen.The male lead is kind of cute, he's the oresama tsun type.The smut is fairly good but I'm here mostly for the comedy.
Cheshire Rating
Interesting intro but then random drunk scene :thinking: It's going too fast from total stranger to roommate.
DarthKristinous Rating
Totally binged this and loved it so much!! So sweet I didn't Want it to end!
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