User Reviews For: The Crimson Kitty And The Forest Watchdog


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cophytophy Rating
While I prefer a more sweet and slow type of story, this one is slightly more fast and rough. (not that I particularly mind 'though) It's a nice little romp to give us a taste of what's to come. 'THOUGH those who are sensitive to non-con might want to be a bit on the wary side.
lightmelody23 Rating
It's very cute. I love the art and the story so far. This is a new theme I've yet to come across on this platform where both main characters have animal traits and I gind it so cute! It's definitely a must read! You won't regret getting this one.
kveroco Rating
Cute heroine, first chapter is a bit odd, but I'm hoping the story will pick up.
Yahiko03 Rating
I Wish they drew the female more sexier while she is having sex. She just look awkward and unsexy to me
Onyxsis Rating
Cute premise and looks like the lady protagonist will have more personality than usual (plus its nice to have a change from office romances). The first chapter contains non/dub con but doesn't look like to be a feature if this is a factor in purchasing.4 stars because the artist could be a little better at drawing guys.
cohen5483 Rating
Non-con. This is really weird...I give it to the FMC to still make jokes when she should really be worried about something else. Not sure what I was hoping for, honestly..but not reading any more after this.
VES1998 Rating
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