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Kkreidler Rating
Sexy, funny, and unique, this title is one of my favorites! Be warned, there is some non-consensual stuff in this one. However, it's definitely worth a read! Mao is a demon lord living as a normal person. Everything is fine until the hero appears to force the demon lord into submission ... through sex. Mao is an adorable tsundere who is in way over his head! It's a fun, fluffy read and definitely worth it.Here's hoping they translate the other volumes!
yamneko Rating
Enemies to lovers! Well, not like complete vile hatred for each other enemies, but still. It has a little bit of a slow burn, but not too much!!! Renta! Please! Get the other volumes!!! I need more Mao and Kamiko!
theakaneko Rating
This is surprisingly funny. I wasn't expecting it from the blurb... you have a demon lord who hates being a demon lord and just wants to float under the radar, and a hero who grew up wanting to win their age old battle. Hero is pushy, demon lord gives in little bit by little bit.I would love to see more about these two.
BlackBelle Rating
Love love LOVE this story! Mao is just a regular, nice guy cursed to being a demon lord while Kamiko is a bad ass thug who happens to be the hero. They are destined to battle each other until one is completely dominated. Sexy, funny and totally adorable, these two just made my day.
Apfel Rating
Ahhh looking forward to the third volume <3 Love Yamada2chome-sensei's works, would love to see more from this author.
PennyDreadful Rating
Second book just as good as the first!
yukitsune Rating
It's a mix of hot and cute and they are in balance. Highly recommended!
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