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akazukin Rating
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! <3 A sweet and pure hearted story with a lots of hot steamy scenes. It's actually one of my favorites I've read in JP and the beast in terms of ero + story. Yes - if you are not into hybrid furries this is not for you, but if you are okay with that then this is the absolute best. Once the sex scenes start they're really steamy (and almost in every chapter after CH3) but consensual on both ends, the dynamic between the two is really sweet and adorable...yet having the sex scenes also really hot?? Plus a interesting plot set up of the world. Sana is the tsundere MC or beastman, and always out to protect Hana. I'm so happy they could put this out on the ENG site to support the artist who has one of the best works. <3
In this human world, there are beastman, in which human society put up a giant wall between them and these beasts. Sounds familiar? Anyways, "You beast guys are kinda hunky, huh?" That cracked me up, seems like Hana's already attracted to Sana. Of course the timing of her entry into the "other side of the wall" is when the beast-humans are in heat. Labeled beastman and have the stigma of "eating humans", Hana's seeing a different side to these being- they're just like humans. Sana, so far, seems kind although he's putting a front to keep her at a distance. Hana seems like a smart girl with good sense about her. I would love it if the author provides more background to the existence of the mandmade beasts... but I have a feeling it won't be told. Either way, I'm excited to see how the story will go.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
OMG I can't believe that this is finally on the English site!!! I'm into sci-fi romance, so interspecies is kinda right up my alley. This is already proving to be both really interesting and cute. I like that it seems both sides are anti humans/anti beast but they don't know why that is. Also it's not moving to quickly, but his mating season is right around the corner so we'll see. I like it!!! Arts good. Characters are pretty likable. What's gonna happen next?!
Wonder Rating
I binged read all the volumes and I'm so upset another hasn't come out yet. Also wish I could buy it in book form so I can keep it by my bed is how much I love this series. The characters are so good, the plot so amazing, the feels so much! If you love star crossed lover stories then you will absolutely go nuts for this. I myself love fantasy books where I can escape to and this one is one of the best. I_m already rereading them and I only just finished the first read the day before. Release the next chapter please!!!!! The only problem is I can't stand the wait!
Kayrin91 Rating
I'll definitely continue reading this story. Interesting characters and plot.
breemb67 Rating
This is like beauty and the beast, in a good way
demongal101 Rating
bleni220 Rating
When is the next one coming out!!!!
bratitude Rating
Unexpectedly sweet story. Hope to see more of this!
hotcrossbuns Rating
so far this series is wonderfully lovely! It has such a soft fluffy feel to it, with the hint of danger from both beasts and other humans alike. Love the story's plot and concept- and love love love the gentleness and steamy times shared by the protagonists!