User Reviews For: My Yellow Curtain [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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funbrillo Rating
This is probably a 3.5 I guess. I didn't dislike it and it had a different premise with the somewhat sentient plants but it seemed to move fast and wasn't that spectacular in storyline. It is okay as a rental if you just want to read an okay story with little drama.
HorseObsessed Rating
I liked Takumi alot, he's hot in my humble opinion. The plants were so funny. The plants were the best comic relief. I'd never read anything like this before. It's a fun read. :()
ShiinaMH Rating
Little funny thing hahahaha.. It's so funny both of them crawling together. It is kinda fast paced but it's okay. If you want a seme's POV then here's one for you. Though, the hot scene is kinda lacking for me. ?
GregorIAN Rating
A bit more than slightly ridiculous.
Daekin Rating
A fun little read. I wouldn't have minded there being more background to the characters, but I did like it as it is.
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