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Blluevaz Rating
Great first chapter! I'm actually relieved that Haruto isn't that typical alpha character and that all characters involved genuinely care about being supportive of everyone's dreams. I'm that girl that roots for the guy who doesn't end up with the girl so I'm pretty curious who im gonna root for and how it'll work out!
ChunkyFunkyMunky Rating
Basically, Haruto ends up as the live-in babysitter, not romantically part of the trio. Very disappointing. I was expecting a threesome.
fuyuyume Rating
I don't like the ending cause it seems shun is just focusing on his happiness and not Haruto. He wanted them together to what torment Haruto to be close to someone he could never have. I wish it had a different ending like Haruto just left and said no to friendship. Shun got Kiyohisa and the baby, why should he get everything he wants. Haruto doesn't get a happy ending and no one is thinking of him.I loved the beginning of the story but I cried for Haruto at the end because his heart gets to break everyday again, just to make Shun happy. Unfair.
Blacky Rating
The first Chapter was great but the rest was not that good. It does not have a happy ending (at least I wouldn't call it happy) and it felt distant so I couldn't relate to the characters.
retardedapplejuice Rating
Art is pretty good, but I keep getting confused between the two alphas, thinking they were twins lol. The story is of the typical "let's hold hands together & attain world peace". It's rather cheesy, centering on friendship & self-sacrifice. I'm not fond of stories like this. I want my money & time back lol.
0917 Rating
It was a good read. The ending was kind of dull and it seemed anticlimactic. But up till that point, it was still good.
eboorenta01mnhedz7 Rating
Beginning was good but it then felt disjointed after the second chapter. I also didn't like the ending it seemed like Haruto never got his happy ending and it was all about the pairing and Shun being happy having his two favourite people with him.Nothing was resolved with Haruto's feelings of love, he essentially became a babysitter, and it just didn't feel like a good ending.I'm giving it two stars cause the art is good. Otherwise I wouldn't recommend anyone read this.
Mangafan01 Rating
I loved the abo theme.
LadyBurton Rating
Story would be better if they actually ended up all three love
Crookshanks25 Rating
The first chapter was interesting but the rest were very disappointing. I dislike stories where the main character suffers throughout the whole story just to get nothing at the end. Based off the premise and picture, I was expecting some sort of threesome or at least a 4th person would show up so you would end with 2 couples of 2. This is the only story I haven't reread or downloaded onto the app. I have at least 40 stories downloaded at the time of writing this comment.
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