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votoran Rating
Nice story! Short and sweet. Gina isn't too deep, but she's adorable and empowered.
HorseObsessed Rating
This a unique story I found to be very refreshing. The FMC is more intellectual than others I've read & I love how the MMC finally, @ the end stands up to his mentor & boss & takes her side. I don't like how the story jumps around though. As for the story &, they're very good, I enjoyed it. ??
Jiana Rating
I didn't not like the female MC at all. She was supposed to come off as naive, and innocent, but I honestly felt she was just reckless and childish. So, I had a hard time believing someone like her could be come a career woman.
bElikewaterDC Rating
It was a nice read. That italian uncle's belief of women not being good for work or that they can only wear pink dresses and no pants really shocked me. He changed by the end though.
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