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ebookrenta0iqj5ubyl Rating
SO GOOD! The art is insanely hot, and the female MC is refreshingly funny and determined. GET IT, trust me! <3
Totozelo Rating
It's very cute and intriguing. Made me want more.
caporushes Rating
This was so cute! I had some extra points so I bought it on a whim, and I'm so glad I did! The heroine is so cute and the hero is sweet too... If you like sweet funny love stories pick this up! There's a second unrelated one-shot in the back too, which I also thought was really adorable.
AinoKusabi Rating
Wonderful and fun!
Spikensalem Rating
I really loved this title. The main character is a little flighty, but shes sweet and endearing. The art is really great too. The love interest is an "older" guy but is still dashing and sweet. Theres a mini story at the end about an unrelated set of people that's very cute as well.
Annakarrie Rating
The was funny, sweet, endearing and you gotta give it a read.
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