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ebookrenta0iqj5ubyl Rating
SO GOOD! The art is insanely hot, and the female MC is refreshingly funny and determined. GET IT, trust me! <3
votoran Rating
Just excellent, good art and super funny story with an incredibly cute protagonist and a funny male main.
rentareader888 Rating
THIS WAS AMAZING. The story felt empowering for women because the MC takes control of her own “Cinderella” story. This isn't some love at first sight then I have sex with hot guy type of bull that I usually find myself reading. She doesn't wait for a Prince Charming to swoop her up, she goes out and looks for a guy who she truly loves and expresses her feelings. It's earnest and wholesome and it teaches a valuable lesson about love. It really made me smile. Was worth every penny!
Zeet Rating
Oh my god! This story is sooo good..
honeybun Rating
Very sweet story
Totally worthy of my points! Fune and Ninomiya compliment one another. She's a wild but sweet woman, cornering Ninomiya at every turn and then apologizing to him after her last advancement went awry. He's a gentleman through and through, he rather accept the shame of refusing a woman's advancement than bedding Fune, that scene was sweet and funny as heck. Story's lighthearted and fluffy with many cute moments. I love a flustered Ninomiya! He's so adorable and makes me want to hug him. I love the last chapter as well, it's freakin hilarious. Yes! I recommend reading this book!
Totozelo Rating
It's very cute and intriguing. Made me want more.
caporushes Rating
This was so cute! I had some extra points so I bought it on a whim, and I'm so glad I did! The heroine is so cute and the hero is sweet too... If you like sweet funny love stories pick this up! There's a second unrelated one-shot in the back too, which I also thought was really adorable.
AinoKusabi Rating
Wonderful and fun!
Spikensalem Rating
I really loved this title. The main character is a little flighty, but shes sweet and endearing. The art is really great too. The love interest is an "older" guy but is still dashing and sweet. Theres a mini story at the end about an unrelated set of people that's very cute as well.
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