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funbrillo Rating
I love this story! I am so glad it was finally translated. It is a sweet love story between one of the last remaining Japanese wolf half beast's and a gay human. I actually would like to have a story about Iori's f*ck buddy and his new lover. He was actually an okay guy. The kid was cute too. My choice for best line of the story:
LetMeIn Rating
I love this story so much! It's a heartwarming story with a deeper undertone of discrimination and perhaps slightly self-acceptance. A half-beast and a human, and interesting combination. And stories with children are always a win in my book! I'll come back to re-read this many times, I already know it.
Linnea112 Rating
As with a lot of really good manga stories, I think this one was way too short - but in a good way! Well paced, yes there's sex, and yes there's a happy ship at the end. I also really liked the artwork, so I will definetly check out other works by this author :)
jmr83 Rating
Very cute story. I wish it was longer but I liked it a lot. :)
Ria2Dluv Rating
This is so wholesome that I wish there was more...This isn't the first story with the concept of beastmen, but it's so nicely done! I gotta so attached to the characters and the afterstory made me so tear up because I was so happy ;-;
HorseObsessed Rating
???I Love this story so much, OMG!!!???(can you tell, since I'm using cat emojis)?? The last story is a bit of a tearjerker Tsuneaki & Iori have a very deep conversation I'll let you check this out for yourselves. I'm definitely reading this story over & over again.???
dsylynkurokawa21 Rating
yellowdoors Rating
Absolutely adorable, amazing,I want to read so many more pages of this book.This was in amazing tale!
IsntHeLovely Rating
This was so adorable. I enjoyed every second of it.
kizuna1989 Rating
On my top 10 list of favorites, easily. Wholesome and cute, and approaches the outcast, "racism," and governmental care of children accurately. It feels realistic by adding these elements. But gives you all the wonderful sweetness you need.
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