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funbrillo Rating
I love this story! I am so glad it was finally translated. It is a sweet love story between one of the last remaining Japanese wolf half beast's and a gay human. I actually would like to have a story about Iori's f*ck buddy and his new lover. He was actually an okay guy. The kid was cute too. My choice for best line of the story:
LetMeIn Rating
I love this story so much! It's a heartwarming story with a deeper undertone of discrimination and perhaps slightly self-acceptance. A half-beast and a human, and interesting combination. And stories with children are always a win in my book! I'll come back to re-read this many times, I already know it.
Linnea112 Rating
As with a lot of really good manga stories, I think this one was way too short - but in a good way! Well paced, yes there's sex, and yes there's a happy ship at the end. I also really liked the artwork, so I will definetly check out other works by this author :)
jinxyMinx Rating
My heart is full. I wish there could only have been more. <3
BringMeTheSmut Rating
Beautiful, hot and heartwarming....
ebookrenta0cq77ggqt Rating
Such a sweet and beautiful story. This is one I'll definitely keep in my collection.I loved the self awareness that Iori grew to have, and I loved how his love for Tsuneaki was unconditional. Tsuneaki himself was a great & lovely character with good depth as well. Their little family is just so heartwarming!!I really wish there was more to read about them.Slight spoiler here: I only wish that the mangaka would have touched on the "childhood friend" bit some more, and tell us if they ever realized that they had met each other back then (maybe we are just supposed to assume that was the case?)
Aixa Rating
This was the sweetest story. the art was beautiful and consistent. The story was great. I really enjoyed this one.
Ren4Liz28 Rating
One of my favorites on here. The story is so sweet and if you are into wolf boys it is definitely a must read. It is equal parts smut and romance. Honestly a great gem.
BTSandOOR07 Rating
All the feels.
lightlovebunny Rating
Wow! Cute AND hot! Great balance of fluff and erotic content! So worth the purchase!
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