User Reviews For: I Could Have You Every Night and It Still Wouldn't Be Enough -Set up with My Insatiable Boss-


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Willow Rating
It was a very average story. Obviously, with two chapters, it was a rushed story. The sex scenes were meh, but they were consensual and both MCs were satisfied, which is always a goos thing. There's not a lot of time to get to know the characters, so there's no development. However, the art was okay, nothing too bad, but nothing too far from the standard.
viktuurishipper Rating
This a little bit plot, but mostly just smut. Sometimes you just some short and sweet romantic smut.
paintmeblue Rating
Literally zero plot in the first two chapters. Smut was just okay. The characters seem pretty flimsy and the male lead looks really weird and unattractive during the sex scenes. Honestly I wouldn't waste points on this one.
ssmiles Rating
A very basic, basic. Story not worth the points save your money for a better one.
toogoodtobetrue Rating
The story is light and it all happens in a glimpse. But sometimes I feel I need stories like this one. No drama with other woman or man.
ebookrenta0nbc486cf Rating
It was good but his nose was so distracting ?
Bunnione Rating
Hmm I somewhat agree with the below remarks. However that being said it is a cute short read. The drawing is a bit blockish it doesn't flow smoothly but it doesn't really take away. I think it is an okay Manga overall, some sweet points, smutty, and a hint of romance.
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