User Reviews For: The Fallen Deity's Mate [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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Mixie Rating
A warm and fuzzy fantasy romcom with an interesting, if a little rough-hewn story. It's rather light on the erotica, more BL than yaoi (keeping those terms apart, thank you).
sereneione Rating
If you want funny and fluffy, this is it. The quality of the typesetting is disappointing (there is actually a bubble where the speech is not complete; come on Renta!), but the story itself is alright.
SarcasticIrony Rating
A very cute and feel-good story!! Would have liked to have seen more, though.
CN15 Rating
This was just ok for me. The story feels very rushed and choppy, the sense of time is completely absent. I also expected a bit more from the sexy scenes but there were only 2 super brief moments. Also they set up the human as a bottom but then have him switch with no real reason. On the whole I was disappointed.
Mnky3 Rating
Great bl! Cute story that I will gladly reread several times!
Adibbens Rating
love it! it so cute! i wish for more chapers! not only smut. it sweet and cute!
CopperWitch1970 Rating
This was very cute and sweet. Loved every minute of it.
kenny19 Rating
It's so good I could just read it again and again!!!
Blluevaz Rating
I really love this story line. There's some parts where it gets a little bit not well told but for the most part you cheer for the main characters and I'm a sucker for a character wit low self esteem that doesn't realize how much the people around him love him, like Sasara.
OzawaShuri Rating
Oh my god I love it! It's AMAZING
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