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Propanoll Rating
IT WAS HOT!!!!!!!!Dear gosh, I just absolutely loooove Haizaki Mejiro's books!!! Her books are so pervy and the way she draws expressions and muscles are just so delectable! In this one, The seme and uke are trashy perverts who have serious insecurity issues. They do nothing but have R18 thoughts all day. It may sound bad but they are a good match with each other precisely because they're mentally broken, and that bitter-sweet marriage of depression x love x obsession x happy ending that makes this book so exciting to read!!!!! 10/10 good porn, thank you so much ! ! ! !
yellowdoors Rating
I really loved the illustration and art work, The characters were really complex as where the social Relationships between the 2 main characters.I really recommend this if you're looking for a cute and lewd read. Loved it!
LunaRose Rating
I really love this manga. The characters were so cute!!
Dooti Rating
Enjoyed the characters and art, wasn't expecting the heartwarming moments!
GregorIAN Rating
Cute but predictable plot with oblivious / "dumb" characters on all sides.
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