User Reviews For: Love Through Deception -An Omega Subdued By an Alpha-


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Neko13 Rating
Whaaaat?! Two chapters is definitely not enough, it doesn't feel complete :(
kcfantastic Rating
The story is interesting, however the way the second chapter ended makes it seem like the artist gave up on the project. It's incomplete.
SunnyEWA Rating
It's funny because I prefer happy endings, but this happy ending is like the Slither's won the quidditch cup. Although many reviewers feel it's incomplete they are wrong. He just was willing to lose his friend to get what he wanted, and his mate understands him and accepted it. Hate and love both very powerful emotions.
xotai Rating
The art and writing itself is a 5 star, but there's only 2 chapters and it ends..... Like... Super abruptly without any resolution or conclusion?? How unsatisfying!
flyButter Rating
Yeah knew I shouldn't have read this. It's short and has that hateful omega verse society where EVERY big and little thing is wrong for omegas. Ugh I hate these kinda books, don't know why I read it. But don't take my word for it, if you like omegaverse stories the read the other reviews ;)
biajoh1234 Rating
It's better than amazing but doesn't feel complete, it feels like the author gave up on it and I hope they come back to it because the story so far is really good.
Reiko Rating
The art was good and it was hot but I felt so bad for everyone but the alpha.
Reader1234 Rating
Completed what!!!!
BLACkiE Rating
I really enjoy omegaverse so I'm looking forward to the next chapter!
Shearaha1 Rating
Good art. Decent story. Could have been expanded, but still complete in just the 2 volumes.
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