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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Yes!!!! I'm loving this one immensely. It's so cute and funny and deals with the complications that is what a woman really wants lol. One half wants a man to adore and desire us the other half wants to get to know said man first before giving over our heart. Sigh. The female lead is in such a predicament. Her new hot boss is a huge fan of her author alter ego. And then in an instant wants her!! Too good to be true? I don't know, but I'm hooked. More please.
HisaOoshala Rating
My husband and I have an unusual kink: FUNCTIONAL RELATIONSHIPS WITHOUT NEEDLESS DRAMA. If you are as tired of “will they, won't they, oh, ffs just talk to each other” as we are, this is for you! It is sweet! It is steamy! And both characters are adorable, likable goobs. She's a receptionist by day, erotic novelist by night; he's her boss by day, her biggest fan by night! And even in those momentary hiccups - their jobs; her identity; their past; his family; y'know the usual contentions - they're still 100% in it together! This is probably one of my top three favorite comics on this site, simply because it's just fun, so hot, and super cute! Totally recommend!
rentareader888 Rating
This story is amazing, it tugs at all my heartstrings and has me laughing. Not to mention the 18+ scenes are phewwww. The art is so pretty too <3
votoran Rating
Lovely art, lovely story... excellent all around.
jynkmar Rating
cute, funny, sexy! what more could you ask for?
chsaf Rating
Cutest funniest love story. You won't regret this one.
Sittinadzra08 Rating
Well deserved a 5star! I really love this manga so muuch! I love how the story begins and the art is very welldrawn and every hot scenes... I can't get enough! Thanks for this
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