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fandomnightmare Rating
I don't usually like age gaps, or medical stories, or rough art styles. This is all three of those things, but it's excellent.The story itself was simple and straightforward, but very realistic. It's very easy to understand and care about all the characters, they all feel like people you could meet in the real world with their own lives and stories. I'm trying hard to not spoil it here, but the connection between the main characters which could have so easily become toxic or exploitative stayed surprisingly wholesome. This is a story about how to deal with an unreliable person who nevertheless isn't bad or manipulative. It's about dealing with the tough things in life. It's about how sometimes being fully truthful can be hard, and about how the small lies people use to make their lives easier aren't always bad, but can get you in uncomfortable situations. It's also got some OK smut. Pretty life-accurate, though I didn't find the art style titillating personally.
Rosemarie77 Rating
Yes, yes, yes! Soooooo good.
AinoKusabi Rating
Very good story! Love this author!
scrippsy Rating
I love it! The ending felt a bit rushed but I love the characters and how the story progressed. :)
DayLo Rating
Overall I really liked this story. It was very sweet and hot! The last section seemed rushed and I wish it was a bit longer.
citrusfire21 Rating
It was a fun light read overall but i wish there was more drama. I love all the friends and relationships in this - so supportive of one another.
Ollie89 Rating
I read chapter one on another site and wanted to read the rest of this story. Thank you Renta. Fantastic story. Great sex scenes. Shame about the censorship. Hope there'll be a Vol.2??
Ren4Liz28 Rating
I gave it a 3 because the story was OK, nothing special, and the graphics were just bad.
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