User Reviews For: My Piercing Won't Close [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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Bellpepper69 Rating
This was sweet, though I'll admit just a bit cliche. I really like Ito's artstyle, so I had to give this one a read. The main oneshot shows both perspectives of the main characters at different points in their story. This oneshot was satisfying. However, the other other oneshots fell flat in my opinion. One was about misunderstandings, which confused me a little, and the other a ghost story. *spoilers* I was hoping for a misunderstanding and the ghost would turn out to actually be a living person... *sigh* It was bittersweet story which I don't find all that enjoyable if too short. I also think the artist should make the semes more expressive. So, If you like cute, short stories with a bit of smut then you might like this. But I wouldn't recommend to people who don't like fast paced oneshots.
SaraN Rating
This collection has three somewhat bittersweet stories. The title piece has some extra chapters at the end, one of which seems like it should have been with the first part. The stories aren't full of angst or drama, but there's a feeling of uncertainty throughout most of the story. I love the Wrapped Around Your Little Finger series by this author because over the course of 10+ volumes, you get to see the full arc of the relationship and the characters are well developed. Obviously, it's hard to get the same emotional payout with short stories like this manga, though I would have been glad to read more of them. I think if this author could have made some of the stories full novels by themselves, it would be easier to feel more of the happy part of the relationships, though I think the ghost story was always going to feel sad. The art is beautiful like usual. I really like this author so I did buy instead of rent.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
The flow of these stories are very slow and steady and definitely bittersweet tinges to them. The art is lovely. I was just bored from time to time. There's no humor or action or even that much angst. It's just very mellow and bittersweet. The ghost story When I Close My Eyes I See You is my favorite out of the bunch.
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