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Capitulate Rating
Finally! I have been really hoping Renta would get a series like this. Masanari is hard-working and serious to a fault, but his repressed sensuality is even more intense than his seriousness. I can't blame Tsubaki one bit for getting carried away with his "training" because he is absolutely adorable. It is so rare for the female protag to be the aggressor in Love manga even when there is female to male foreplay. The heroine is always being guided or even sometimes forced to do it and I don't understand why. One reason yaoi is so popular is that it's sexy to see men be sexually/emotionally vulnerable and submissive at times too. I do like the shift to a more equitable relationship with him seeking to assert himself more sexually. I just hope Tsubaki doesn't give up the reigns completely. It did kind of skimp on the depictions of male to female foreplay in that chapter, but hopefully, that'll improve. As it is, it's still funny and sexy. Oh, and I'm so glad she doesn't stay in loli form.
Sittinadzra08 Rating
Ohmyy! It was funny and a firstime manga that FC make a move out of nowhere Haha. At first i was shocked because she's a cute little kid. I almost think that it's a Lolicon but thanks it is not i can't wait for the next chap this is a good read
SomaAne Rating
Cute story, and the guy is hot. Can't wait to see where this goes. Really nice buildup, doesn't rush.
CosmicRabbit Rating
This is one of those rare gems!! It seems like they're really playing with power dynamics in sexual relationships and alternating between having a more dominant female and a more submissive and emotional male - love it!! The male lead is simply adorable. The story has a very warm-hearted and loving tone and all the sex acts seem consensual, which are BIG positives for me in this genre! I'm really excited to read more of this and to see how the female lead's supernatural status impacts the story!
ebookrenta0cksy5oe1 Rating
Okay, so this manga is actually really hot and steamy so better be prepared. I love the progression and the quirkiness of how it all started and tbh you can't predict the ending because the girl mc is literally a pixie so thats something to look forward to! So worth it
laniaash Rating
Love love love! It's a great manga, I especially love how our female MC is the dominant one. It's refreshing to be honest. Can't wait for the next chapters!
Ghoul Rating
Not the best but its good. I hate to admit that I purchased it due to the review of others
Iridian Rating
Really cute
lkingo15 Rating
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