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Capitulate Rating
The art is decent, but anything good about this is overshadowed by how much of a creep Haru is. The gender-bent Kuniyuki is wasted here. I'd much rather see him in a relationship with his concerned coworker (who is way more attractive than Haru) or a woman than his womanizing "best friend" Haru who assaults him while he's in his female form(Yuki), taking his virginity. He then guilt trips Yuki (which inexplicably works) when he sees that her true form is the male Kuniyuki. He demands Yuki become his sex slave until he finishes his book or he'll fire her as his editor so Yuki accepts instead of kicking him where the sun doesn't shine. Like a lot of manga with d-bag male protags, the racy scenes are boring without much foreplay depicted. It makes you wonder if it was even really intended for women. Renta should work more on finishing the translation of some of the popular series that have stalled here but have more chapters released in japan instead of unsexy wastes of points like this.
ebookrenta0q193d1xx Rating
The guy is like too much of a jerk. Don't get me wrong, I love jerk characters but come on. Give him some likable traits. I gave it a second chance but it wasn't worth it.
Jenangelx3 Rating
It's really abusive and predatory the way his friend acts towards Yuki. It's disturbing and doesn't make for a good romance at all
BringMeTheSmut Rating
I don't understand the low reviews. I don't think this should be rated lowly just because it has dub con in it. Don't like, don't read. I thought the art was good and it was an interesting premise. Haru is a jerk because he's a big time author with a big ego. If Yuki didn't like his rough forcefulness, she'd leave. Personally I like the fantasy of being a 'sex slave' to a hot guy who gives multiple orgasms.
Vegal88 Rating
Orribile.Non prender嘆 altri volumi.I disegni son belli ma il contenuto 竪 davvero triste. Seppur sia una manga, i personaggi come il protagonista maschile mi mettono i brividi.
Kurumei Rating
Its your usual rushed TSF hentai manga. I previously purchased all Japanese volumes as they came out and the author/artist waited a long time to finish it and rushed the ending.Its still an interesting take and the main character has a very beautiful female form.That being said, US Renta keeps passing over one of the best ones ever made (or maybe the mangaka doesn't want an English version):
Carmen Rating
The story and art were not very good. The main character is one of thoes cliche types that lets men get away with anything. The dominate male lead is such trash that its not worth reading another chapter.
biajoh1234 Rating
I did enjoy it, and I get the low reviews Haru is a jerk and the gender swap could have been handled a lot better. It would have been great if we actually saw Haru fall in love with both side of Kuniyuki, it just felt unfair to Kuniyuki to only be loved for his female body. But to complain about the artwork is just silly, it's wonderfully drawn. Yes the story itself felt like it should have had at least 2 more chapters, the ending felt more like a cliffhanger than anything else.
Superdiper Rating
I feel as though this was to fulfill a fetish more than have a plot. The art was wonderful however the plot lacked any personality, the climax being lackluster because the love interest didn't change nor grow making the impact of the final scene just dissapointing. Even worse it romanticized the sexual assault aspects so heavily this should be in the psychological category due to it not reallyBeing a “romance”. It's tough because I can tell you put effort into it, however this manga will never get a high rating due to its just inability to be digested by an average gender bender reader. I think it would be fair to say most people who read this genre do it to have a more progressive manga/book to read. I hope you take this advice and:1) have several difference demographics read your works before publishing them.2) Not romanticize crimes, any abuse ones specifically.3) Don't rely on sex to carry the story.
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