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shinokage Rating
This is probably my most anticipated manga. I keep checking back for updates and then end up re-reading it over and over again. The main character Mioto is just the sweetest cinnamon roll. His reactions to everything is not only mature and relatable. That's just so rare in a lot of novels. It's refreshing to see and the reason I keep coming back to this. I highly recommend!
Iamdent13 Rating
The story that you shouldn't miss. Slightly toxic relation but i love it. Alway waiting for the update...can somebody tell me when they will update...every month?
Jacks Rating
Nice art style and great story so far. I like how the characters act kinda smart and relatable. Can't wait to see more of this soon. Would recommend. 5/5.
Seranwrap99 Rating
This is a true masterpiece. *kind of spoilers ahead, I'll try to keep it vague* I love the twisted drama and how Mioto has been handling the whole situation so far. Some main characters in possessive relationships do things that are really annoying but that's not the case here. Mioto is an honest, caring and relatable guy. He's a character that I have no problem getting behind. The story moves at a great pace. The character development feels natural (mainly Tsukihito's, Mioto doesn't really change or at least hasn't so far). All in all I really enjoyed this and definitely recommend it.
AlwaysAnju Rating
I love it! The story so far is almost identical to Strawberry Panic but with boys! I'm looking forward to further installments.
Toffeecakez Rating
I've only read one chapter, but I can tell that this plot is gonna get good from all of that foreshadowing. So far I like the cast of characters, especially the main and the setting of this school is quite interesting.
Fawnesst Rating
Beautiful art and while the story is dark I can't help but be drawn to it, it sucks me in and somehow I find it relatable, having experienced the toxic expectations of others and how it can break a person's psyche. I really do appreciate dark stories like this for that reason, life isn't rainbows and butterflies and fiction doesn't always need to be either, though I think the ending will be a happy one!
Lulu1112 Rating
I do really enjoy this manga. It's a story about two lonely and isolated people loving and accepting each other. I wasn't sure how this manga was going to go after chapter 3, but the actions of Mioto really impressed me. Mioto is an amazing main character - he's smart, logical, and empathetic. Really liked his actions in chapter 11 - so strong. His mental fortitude is just *chefs kiss*. The art is nice and clean, Tsukihito is gorgeous and Mioto is very pretty. Some of the backgrounds are impressive.Definitely would recommend but warning that there are a couple of non-con chapters(4-5 iirc).
Exclea Rating
Interesting take on dom-sub relationship.
SIMPlified Rating
I wish I knew when the next chapter will release ;_; I feel like it has been ages and so many loose ends are floating about. It does seem slightly toxic, but it just works? If that makes sense. My heart goes out to my two boys T_T
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