User Reviews For: The Prefect's Private Garden


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AlwaysAnju Rating
I love it! The story so far is almost identical to Strawberry Panic but with boys! I'm looking forward to further installments.
Toffeecakez Rating
I've only read one chapter, but I can tell that this plot is gonna get good from all of that foreshadowing. So far I like the cast of characters, especially the main and the setting of this school is quite interesting.
shinokage Rating
This is probably my most anticipated manga. I keep checking back for updates and then end up re-reading it over and over again. The main character Mioto is just the sweetest cinnamon roll. His reactions to everything is not only mature and relatable. That's just so rare in a lot of novels. It's refreshing to see and the reason I keep coming back to this. I highly recommend!
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