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Shyshy Rating
Wow I'm still blushing. But good story the. Drawing are great. I'm excited to see how the story unfolds. This will have you chuckling out loud as you read.
Mouse Rating
Fantastic! I love a good pushy/bossy bottom and a flustered top. The art is good, the story is good, I like characters... what more do you need? I just wish there was more out to read right away. Can't wait for the next volumes!
LalaNahomi Rating
I couldn't finish it. The art is amazing, the smut scenes are great and it's a funny story. The only thing I didn't like is that, obviously, the doctor sleeps around with his patients. That bothers me subconsciously, to the point where I can't enjoy the story. I will still recommend it to anyone who wants a good laugh, smut and can read this type of trope.
AtinyLove Rating
I love it??
Blluevaz Rating
Art is great, premise is kind of unique, but man the story is just another example of non consensual activities being forced on someone who doesn't get taken seriously when they say stop. Basically the doctor molests him and brushes it off with "it's ok you'll enjoy it". It killed any interest i had from the preview. So if you're looking for an un-professional who takes advantage of naive patients, give it ago. If you're looking for a legit romance that's actually sexy instead of gratuitous, maybe pass. Or try it, you might be in a different place in life where this is still enjoyable. #noregrets
FlusteredWitch Rating
It's both cute and funny. Not one to go to if you're looking for a lot more romance than sex, though. Otherwise a very good manga.
Chiaki Rating
Good story line can't wait for the next chapter
yellowdoors Rating
I only read the first chapter, I thought the art was great. The smart scenes for really well drawn. However there was a lot of non-consent and that made me extremely uncomfortable so I'm not going to be reading the rest of the chapters.
emilyyy Rating
The plot is ridiculous BUT I stan a slutty doctor who teaches his patients to use lube and do foreplay!
phillipvo74 Rating
this is so good and the art is just perfect and its so cute too
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