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Mrsmangame123 Rating
I was so not ready to call it quits on this couple. So glad Nyan-Nyan is continuing with Alex and Cole!!! Their relationship is so crazy and fueled by obsession and lust that it definitely borders on toxic. But underneath the crazy there really is a fondness for one another. And I'm so interested to see how these two grow and what temptations they'll face. Be good boys!!! Pffft, yeah right.
ebookrenta0hhom8kaz Rating
After reading 4 chapters my heart is broken. I don't see any love in this couple. Do the talk? Do they know each other? The storyline is great, but i wish this volume was about any other couple, cause while reading the 1 vol, i'll always remember the 3rd chapter of this one. And i don't see any future for main characters now. Hope the Last chapters will change something. But still the storyline is great and if you are looking for drama read this. And if you are looking for comedy, just don't.
fire Rating
So glad this is continuing, I really love this art style and this manga's really different from a lot of other yaois out there.Do be warned though that there are some things not everyone might be comfortable with (guns, cutting, suicidal character).
MickLock Rating
It's alright.
ZellaSky Rating
After chapter 6 it's complete?! T_T noooo I need more Cole in my life! Please if there is a Sweetheart Trigger 3 license it, I'll get on my knees and beg if I have to.I love this Artist's works I have all of volume 1 and Jawbreaker
FlauntingDante Rating
I'm so glad Nyan-nya continued Sweet Heart Trigger. My absolute favorite BL manga because of this couple's obsessive dynamic. This manga isn't for everyone but the drama and story is refreshing and interesting. All the characters are super hot too so that's a plus! I can't wait for more works :)
vyu Rating
Love the pacing and drama, can't wait for next new chapter!
Okherewego Rating
THIS IS THE BEST WRITING! its like I'm watching a reality TV show and a drama at the same time.
Pawkitty Rating
Such a great series but my, oh my, does it make me anxious.
thethethejoy Rating
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