User Reviews For: I'm Not Gay! -Fanfic Fantasy of Two Boys-


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theakaneko Rating
It's cute but very short. Interesting concept, left questions upon ending.
EmTheHooligan Rating
Haha it was interesting and I really hope it has more than just those short 30-odd pages. It was random and funny and smutty. I liked it.
flyButter Rating
Haha! This was kinda fun. It's short but I kinda like it. Also, just so you know, the preview is pretty weird, it's like one of two pages get taken from different points in the story and put together.... Anyway, it was good. I recommend.
Vampiro83 Rating
ebookrenta0hxz0sov0 Rating
love this but it too short I wish there was more so they code flesh out the characters more. over all it was nices
dsylynkurokawa21 Rating
This is so cute. Not bad for a dollar rent ?