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UshioGautier Rating
Herbivore prof is a lowkey carnivore. My inner masochist senses great potential in this one. Keen for the next chap
Sittinadzra08 Rating
Woaa! This one surely recommended. I like it that much! It is such a Lovey dovey story with a great pace and a wonderful Art! I like the second ML as well.. I'm sooo hooked with this manga :D that i even purchase the raws! Thanks erenta for picking up this one. Hope more raws to be translated and bought here... Stay safe.
HishamXNadzra Rating
I gave this manga 5star because it is well deserved. I love the Arts and i love how the story begin it's pretty interesting on whats gonna happened between FMC's now this second lead is having a great time to showed up and interapt. I kinda like his appearance fufufu.. I cannot wait for the next chapter... This is Amazing i love it. Thank you renta sama.
votoran Rating
Very pretty art, good story. Only strange thing is how the male MC was really cold with the rival: if it was me, someone talking about my fiancée like that would get at least a good old punch!
loopysheep Rating
Cute artwork. The professor is hot. The mc female is a little silly, but I'm hopeful she'll grow up.
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