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UshioGautier Rating
Herbivore prof is a lowkey carnivore. My inner masochist senses great potential in this one. Keen for the next chap
HishamXNadzra Rating
I gave this manga 5star because it is well deserved. I love the Arts and i love how the story begin it's pretty interesting on whats gonna happened between FMC's now this second lead is having a great time to showed up and interapt. I kinda like his appearance fufufu.. I cannot wait for the next chapter... This is Amazing i love it. Thank you renta sama.
Sittinadzra08 Rating
Woaa! This one surely recommended. I like it that much! It is such a Lovey dovey story with a great pace and a wonderful Art! I like the second ML as well.. I'm sooo hooked with this manga :D that i even purchase the raws! Thanks erenta for picking up this one. Hope more raws to be translated and bought here... Stay safe.
loopysheep Rating
Cute artwork. The professor is hot. The mc female is a little silly, but I'm hopeful she'll grow up.
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