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GregorIAN Rating
I avoided this because it was right up my alley - opposites (physically, personality wise - AHHH!) and an immediate attraction with their love perspectives being different (one expecting a physical connection only and the other refusing with the desire for a romantic (despite not having any plans to have either with the one who 'fell' first)). There's depth to the characters without any ridiculous info drops or tragedies (so far), but they have clear personalities and even the secondary characters are multidimensional. Beautifully done and I hate that I couldn't wait for it to be completed before reading as I'm going to be pulling my hair out waiting for the next chapter! Delightful torture - but torture nonetheless.
Kuruoshi Rating
I love he art style!! The fact that the main chara started crying after eating sweets is such a mood.
amiyaoixz Rating
i started to read this manga two days ago and i become a big fans of Akihisa-sensei,the story is so good . Now i'm going to buy her other works in japanese of course >w<
SsalesteStar199996 Rating
It has a great plot, amazing drawings; in total the whole story is very fun to read I cannot wait for the next chapter!!
stitch1313 Rating
Looking forward to more manga
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