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Mrsmangame123 Rating
This is exactly what I needed right now!!!! Thanks Renta!!!! It's a really cute story of former childhood friends. Obviously the boy was so overwhelmed by her pheromones that he was afraid he'd gobble her up. Haven't really got too much of his side of the story yet. But after chapter one that's my guess. Super cute!!! Love the art. The only steamy scene kinda not my thing, but otherwise I love it!!! Want more. Keeping fingers crossed that he's waited for her too!!! Love that in a story :)
Gfys Rating
I liked the art but the first chapter is really bizarre and off putting.. she wants him so badly but he keeps shyly turning her down, only to go feeling her up while she's..... asleep? Then he runs off when she wakes up? Super creepy. Certainly doesn't make me want to buy the next chapter.
HaimyNgo Rating
I love it! I'm on chapter 3. I think they made the characters very quirky and innocent. It's refreshing to see 2 virgins get married and learn about each other!
Capitulate Rating
I found this several months ago on the Japanese site. I'm so happy it finally made it here. The couple is really cute. They've been friends since childhood, but Koh has been treating Manaka as if he's totally indifferent to her ever since they both reached puberty. It's so bad that she wonders why he even agreed to marry her. Of course, Koh has a reason for keeping his beloved friend at arm's length. His worries aren't entirely unfounded. Manaka definitely has her hands full when he finally gives in to his desire, but it's all sweet, sexy and fun watching the two develop and explore this new aspect of their relationship.
H00Tyhoo Rating
This is SO cute and precious and also HOT. The title is exactly what's happening, lol. Plenty of steamy scenes next to plenty of humor! I laughed out loud a couple times. Definitely subscribing!
Kathami Rating
I love this manga ? Usually the protagonist is so forceful, but in this manga he's just a cinnamon roll trying to be cool
Cchang93 Rating
They're such a funny and cute couple! I like the storyline and can't wait for the next one!
GhostUmbrella Rating
I feel like this has a lot of potential! I can't wait for the next chapters to come out. Seems like the typical guy-loves-girl but is scared at first of hurting her, even though she already loves him. Really seems like it'll be steamy and sweet!
Ashi997 Rating
I really like theb storyline and find the childhood lovers concept very nice. This is a lighthearted and fun read :D
RainSkyler Rating
Love this title
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