User Reviews For: Little Miss Oblivious and Her Savage Darling


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Andromeda Rating
So far so good at chapter 1, the female and male lead are adorable, and so is their budding relationship and care for each other. The male lead's extreme overprotection of his love interest, the female lead, is actually sweet and cute as opposed to possessive and spicy, and the female lead is aware of this and tries to be calm and diffuse tense situations, and reassure him that she likes only him. Looking forward to reading more of this story!
Norman14 Rating
These two are adorable and I NEED this story to continue!!!!! The title tells you all you need to know, but he's a sweet savage and she's only oblivious about how deeply he feels for her. You can't really blame her though, we all have our insecurities.
swimmergal1207 Rating
Absolutely adorable! I love Hina's overprotective boyfriend, normally I'd find it annoying but here it just makes me smile and laugh. Maybe it's their age. If they were in their twenties I think it would be a completely different story. No regrets with this purchase! Perfect mix of heartwarming/cuteness and hot love scenes!
Moldybug Rating
Not really my cup of tea, a little sad I wasted points on the chapters. The girl MC is kind of annoying to me and the guy isn't really appealing
3msuge Rating
ebookrenta03y2wtnei Rating
It's so cute how her boyfriend is ?
Summerdays Rating
Aaaaaw sooo cuteee~~ they're so sweety.
EmTheHooligan Rating
Oh no, the's overwhelming me...nooo! I'm hooked at the first chapter haha. It's cute and funny and I love size difference couples. I'm excited to see what's next.
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