User Reviews For: You Better Not Run Before I Get My Way! -Preyed on by My Scary Boss-


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Annetteb Rating
MUST HAVE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!
stitch1313 Rating
Need to have more of the manga on here
Funsizemama Rating
omg I want more loved it soo much when does the next story comes out I need to know what happens next <3
EmTheHooligan Rating
Oh boy I love their faces haha! All the expressions crack me up. But weirdly the stress I feel from their jobs is so randomly real. The story is good so far.
FrenziedMage86 Rating
Its like a Sadistic Wolf trying not to jump the cute naive rabbit. Love it, want more, hope it gets smutty!
RentaiKitten Rating
More please!!! A must-buy - eagerly awaiting more!
Mrsmangame123 Rating
OMG!!! This is so good!!!! I love how this dude is just so awkward and adorable!! I love the boss and how he gets a kick out of harassing him. Mean, but funny you sly devil you. Anyway, not sure if the boss only had e.d. for women or just realizing he likes men, but I am loving this!!! Arts great. Pacing is good so far. Funny! Cute!! Might be a bully the one he likes trope, which is one of my all time faves. More please!!!
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