User Reviews For: You Better Not Run Before I Get My Way! -Preyed on by My Scary Boss-


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Annetteb Rating
MUST HAVE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!
FrenziedMage86 Rating
Its like a Sadistic Wolf trying not to jump the cute naive rabbit. Love it, want more, hope it gets smutty!
stitch1313 Rating
Need to have more of the manga on here
Funsizemama Rating
omg I want more loved it soo much when does the next story comes out I need to know what happens next <3
EmTheHooligan Rating
Oh boy I love their faces haha! All the expressions crack me up. But weirdly the stress I feel from their jobs is so randomly real. The story is good so far.
RentaiKitten Rating
More please!!! A must-buy - eagerly awaiting more!
Mrsmangame123 Rating
OMG!!! This is so good!!!! I love how this dude is just so awkward and adorable!! I love the boss and how he gets a kick out of harassing him. Mean, but funny you sly devil you. Anyway, not sure if the boss only had e.d. for women or just realizing he likes men, but I am loving this!!! Arts great. Pacing is good so far. Funny! Cute!! Might be a bully the one he likes trope, which is one of my all time faves. More please!!!
PixelAshes Rating
Love it!! I want more!
Cram Rating
3 parts so far, when do the other parts follow? I hope soon.
ebookrenta0tivrzvkc Rating
Honestly not my cup of tea. Even though the smut was hot, the uke couldn't seem to do anything properly and at this point I'm just fed up....
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