User Reviews For: Show Me Yours and I'll Show You Mine but Can We Still Be Friends?


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plslemmeread Rating
It's okay, but the character development before they start having sex is lacking a bit.
Summer Rating
This is definitely an unconventional one, and in that regard I have to praise it. It's not "uwah! hearts pounding! fan me!", it is its own thing. Akira is slightly frightening in appearance and Izumi is totally emotionally absent, but Akira is such a sweet soul and Izumi accepts him completely. They live in their own world.(also I am living for the aesthetic of the artwork when Akira walks in on Izumi in book 2) I enjoyed it and will definitely buy the next chapter ^-^
CrzyCloud26 Rating
The story was almost non-existent. There just wasn't enough length to have much more than some excuse for a bunch of sex. Not too good characters either.
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