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Jianhirame26 Rating
So far it's really interesting!! I find both of the characters really cute and almost like they're innocent lol. The prof seems innocent when he mistakes the student for his ex and then the student seems so innocent with the way he addresses the professor. But I have a feeling that the student isnt that innocent hahaha. I am definitely hooked on this story and I cant wait for the next volumes!
ChattyK2125 Rating
I love it! They have fallen for each other but the professor is still so innocent and even with his sex toys, he had no idea how to REALLY use them well! Hope to read more!
ebookrenta0z1y3016k Rating
I was a bit... eh, from the blackmail, but I kept reading, and it got so much better. The second and third volumes are really good, cute, and hot. Looking forward to more from this creator.
acedevorak Rating
Content warning: drunk therefore non-consensual sex. Eh, I liked it. I appreciate that it's in college and not in high school but no power-dynamics were really explored which is fine I guess. I don't really like the manipulative ways in which their relationship starts and progresses. Another warning for blackmail. Though everything is played off lighthearted there were some dark tones. Also I couldn't help but notice some continuity errors, they took me out of it a little. Overall I like it enough. The art is really cute and hot, they are cute as a pair in domestic fluff and hot when they get down and dirty. There is a missed chance for exploration on character too, allusions to something deeper like maternal issues with Yamamoto. Could have been a pretty cool, deeper story with development but not all stories have to do that and this deserves it's own place. I recommend it as a light-ish read.
VuiBy Rating
So damn HOT. The only problem is that it's too short
thewritinggirl Rating
I ADORED this, the student is devilish one second then the cutest guy in the world the next, and the art is beautifully simple. It definitely had potential to be so much longer and I really wish it was because both characters are lovable and their relationship is so cute. I just want more! Oh, and there's PLENTY of smut.
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