User Reviews For: The Tracksuit Beauty and the Insatiable Stud -Don't You Dare Sleep with Anyone Else


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ebookrenta06g3ce3b8 Rating
Good characters, decent character development. I really enjoy the design style, seductive transitions. Good amount of plot for a first issue. Looking forward to the second one.
CieL Rating
A great short 4 refreshing. Aya x Yuki, oh how I love those two! Could found Yuki's sincere n pure heart since his first appear. It's nice if a guy like Yuki really appears on my life LOL. So glad I buy it, gonna re-read it a lot in future~
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Super cute!!!!!! From their first encounter to how he tries to woo her. And her trying to figure out if he's 100% sincere or not. Arts pretty good too.
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