User Reviews For: The Tracksuit Beauty and the Insatiable Stud -Don't You Dare Sleep with Anyone Else


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ebookrenta06g3ce3b8 Rating
Good characters, decent character development. I really enjoy the design style, seductive transitions. Good amount of plot for a first issue. Looking forward to the second one.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Super cute!!!!!! From their first encounter to how he tries to woo her. And her trying to figure out if he's 100% sincere or not. Arts pretty good too.
NaeNeko Rating
I have been waiting for more chapters since ages, came back today to see what is up with this title and then I see it has already been finished with those two chapters?? WHAT. Is that the end? Really?? It felt so rushed. Nothing has happened besides.... nothing??? Wow. Wow wow wow...
YaIPayForP0rn Rating
In the first chapter she's so drunk she's falling asleep... Extremely triggering. The guy is a pig.
andiekae Rating
The premise is fun and the art is decent, but as with most oneshot stories this length, everything is really rushed. There's very little emotional build up to the confessions so it fell a bit flat for me, and there was no REAL conflict that had to be overcome in the end. A decent read to kill some boredom but I've read better.
Mangareader Rating
It was good, but the plot moved a bit too fast and is pretty cliche all things considered. It's great male mc doesn't care about looks but he comes off as just regular in terms of plot points that are supposed to make him look good. The art is nice and I guess it's a nice few chapters but it isn't anything particularly unique.
CieL Rating
A great short 4 refreshing. Aya x Yuki, oh how I love those two! Could found Yuki's sincere n pure heart since his first appear. It's nice if a guy like Yuki really appears on my life LOL. So glad I buy it, gonna re-read it a lot in future~
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