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Blluevaz Rating
Interesting characters that feel developed even in the first chapter. The spica boys are clearly close and care about each other's best interests, and Seto has well fleshed out dreams and worries. I'm interested in seeing where the story goes! Definitely following!
ChattyK2125 Rating
Don't let this be the last one! Poor Mr. Seto seems to go around solving everyone'should problems. So he gets moved off of HIS drama to a documentary, now that the documentary is done and is amazing + he did what Riyuji asked- help Miyako. He helped him overcome his fears and now he is much improved. Kazumi wants him back on the drama because he loves him. What will happen. Where will his job send him next? Poor Mr. Seto though seems to not have love or now it looks like maybe either of the jobs he liked.
MioAkiyama Rating
a wonderful story of idol x director. Idol star Miyako fear of being on stage solo somewhat like a stage fright/fear of facing the crowd. while Seto had to move from directing a drama to a documentary he himself face a different kind of difficulty. Both MCs helped each other to overcome their issues and eventually figured out everything can be done to have a win-win situation. Highly recommend!
Tintinabule Rating
Really cute and feel-good story. Not much drama. The author could have gone a little deeper into the second role characters' relationship with the main characters. It would have felt more complete and made the story more interesting. Still recommend it though.
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