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PennyDreadful Rating
This is a weird one. Not fantastical weird, just I can't see this ever happening, ever. All four characters are very, very, very okay with sex, and watching their friends have sex, even tho the main character just finds out two of his friends are bi.That being said, I'm digging it a lot. It's very smutty sexy, the main character is likeable, and it is kinda adorable in a strange way. I like the art, too. This is fun to read. (2 chapters at time of review)
dirtyangeltoes Rating
Not horrible, but not great either. The pacing is all over the place and each new chapter feels like there's major content missing. There's not much substance and the character interactions feel extremely bland, and it seems to rely heavily on the huge amount of smut. I decided to give it a shot and tried until chapter 3 but I'm going to have to pass on this one...
jingleclove Rating
I know that the best friend of MC is gonna end up with him, but I really liked the "blackmail" playboy and him together haha! Looking forward to seeing how these three characters are going to interact after chapter 1:)
H00Tyhoo Rating
I think this is one of my favorite stories on Renta! The art style is really neat, and the writing is surprisingly blunt! It's really funny and charming, as well as sweet, and also hot. I wish I had more friends that read BL so I could shove this in their faces and beg them to read it.
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