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Ren4Liz28 Rating
Why did I wait so long to read this? Also, why has no one else done a review? This was AMAZING and Ryugi is OMG gorgeous!! I love the big, sadistic, tough tops (or bottoms). Definitely worth it! On to the other 2!
PennyDreadful Rating
The story just feels flat. I didn't like either of the main two characters, the top is bossy, selfish, and forceful to the point that it feels wrong, and not in a sexy way. The bottom (the editor) is whiny and doesn't stand up for himself, then eventually just gives up with some vague, wishy-washy feelings. The bottom's boss even tells him at some point to just let the top (the author) have sex with him because it's part of his job.At the end they get together, but the main character isn't really into it and just kinda gives into the top, who is very clear that he is gonna do what he wants no matter what.There isn't really love or anything, there is no romantic build up. It's just selfish narcissist gets what he wants because he can.
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