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PennyDreadful Rating
It was... Okay. I was hoping for it to be a bit more supernatural, with him "starving", but that isn't explained at all, and now that it's over it was a bit disappointing to me. The art was nice, and the characters were okay, I just felt like this was going to be something it ended up not being. I dunno, I probably wouldn't have rented it if I had known that it was just gonna be another regular love story without the fantasy element the first chapter kind of implied.
Atatera Rating
Promoting healthy relationships and learning the value of taking care of yourself. I'm only sad there wasn't more.
StephieJay Rating
This was such a cute series!! I wish it had been longer, but even though it was short it didn't feel rushed. Yes things started very quickly, but there was enough story that you still get a feel for the growing relationship between the two. I also really like how the "hunger" portrayed has more meaning to it than you'd expect. The art is not great, but good, and the smexy parts are really well done. Definitely worth it!
altnya Rating
Good artwork. Pretty standard, but decent plot. The character dynamic of the leads are good, though I would have liked if the other characters were expanded on a little bit more. Overall a satisfying read.
Trucky88 Rating
I really love this comic so far it's got just the right amount of cute and juicy. I like how they gradually building a relationship but think it's just a deal atm. Can't wait for more.
fionav3 Rating
Not the worst manga, but not the best either. The art was lovely, and the relationship between both mcs was sweet, but the characters were so flat that I wasn't very invested in them. Also, the reason he was 'hungry' for sex and not food was poorly explained, and didn't make a whole lot of sense.
Eka Rating
Cute story!!
Reddbone561 Rating
I didn't understand why he was basically on the brink of death if he didn't get laid but other than that I liked the story. Thank for your hard work
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