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SadAsian Rating
This is so cute! I love top×top. Can't wait to read the rest of the story
puriinsu Rating
The first chapter starts strong, very nice flow and not a dull moment. You're immediately introduced to the two guys on the cover and get a good grasp of each of their personalities. Kiumi's love for sex is the first thing you learn about him and is the drive for how the two mains interact later in that same chapter. Very promising, light, and the cliffhanger on chapter 1 has me wanting more! Definitely recommend picking this up~
hotaru Rating
Cute story with beautiful art. Topxtop is always a fun read. I love the personalities of both the characters, Shizume especially. Definitely excited to read more!
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Yeah this is so good!!! Tomo is out and proud and has zero qualms about what he likes and his friends love him and just worry about his safety. Shizume is deep in the closet and is very careful about who he lets in. All that changes when he helps a drunk and scared Tomo. I love how they both look like the typical bottoms in BL, but are both tops!! Well not anymore! Actually I would love it if they were a switch couple, squee!! But still together they are so good!!! I love the inner turmoil they both felt about each other and the new feelings overtaking them. Some moments were so heart wrenching. I love that we get a continuation with their new relationship status. Love that both are possessive and want to be exclusive, something both never did before!! Also, this art is incredible!! Great expressions:D!!!
turelight Rating
The art is so beautiful and the chemistry of these two guys are good! I really love how straightforward the MC is lol.
yuri Rating
First of all, I'm interested in this manga because the arts is so beautiful. Its my favorite style of arts. And, the story was written well and smooth. So, I'm not disappointed buying this, worth spending (especially if you like beautiful top lol). Wishing it has more chapters!!
AgentDeathRae Rating
Great little story about an open and closeted couple. Lots of action and all completely consensual! Also, the artist draws mouths and features so well, I had to stop and look at the uke's teeth many times and appreciate the details.
Broesa Rating
I was following this story as it was updating and my soul is so full! I truly love and will always support this artist. They write so well and satisfying! I hope you'll love this story too.
Seranwrap99 Rating
This is sooooo gooooodd!!!! They're both insanely pretty and tops but their personalities are so different. Ones uninterested, unphased and closeted while the other is bold, dramatic and VERY open about his sex life. I can't wait to read more!!!
yunachan Rating
I'm really happy they published it here on renta!!! I bought the hardcopy all the way from Japan months ago, but now I can read it in English!!! Thank you so much for translating this manga! I'll keep supporting can't wait for the next chapter !! The story and the art are just beautiful *chef kiss*. Definitely Love it this manga totally worth the money!
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