User Reviews For: I Wanna Feel You Inside -Seduced by a Sweet Devil-


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lolbriseis Rating
Well well well.. I know that I'm going to have a lot of fun reading this one!
fideliashoshanah Rating
This is very silly and altogether VERY cute. There were a few scenes containing near-molestation which rather put me off, so it doesn't quite get five stars from me, but the characters are fun, the art is good, and the story's twists and turns kept me laughing and engaged. Definitely a good read!!
StephieJay Rating
This was so cute!!! ....And HOT! I wish there was more, though! The pace was really fast, and it ended very quickly, but the art is great and the story is HOT!!! WHEW!!! This is steamy! This series kind of reminds me of one of those sexy scenes where the couple gets in the door and BAM it's on! These 5 volumes hit you like that. But the couple is so cute! I love their dynamic. Yeah... Good stuff here. Buy it, you won't regret it!
Risa Rating
I love how Julius is so nonchalant and eager. I love Shin keeps treating the demon king like a kitty. It's so funny XD! The sex is very enticing, the art is great too. I'm really curious about the story line. So far loving it!!!!
animepie Rating
What the heck. That was cuter and sexier than I could even expect. It was hilarious to boot. There is nothing better than when both parties are really assertive in the bedroom. Shinnosuke was hot. And Julius was unexpectedly an absolute sweetheart. I was so pleasantly surprised at how heartwarming the story became. I'm pretty satisfied with the ending but I'll miss them. Lol
yingsuwei Rating
The right amount of story with the overwhelming amount of 18+ that'll hit you right in your sweet spot! Even though I came for the juicy scenes, I stayed for the romance. It's an oddly wholesome yet hilarious title.
NoxRaven Rating
An interesting an entertaining read. I don't usually go for yaoi but I still enjoyed this particular piece.
Cygnus Rating
If you just want something fun to read with good amount of smuts, then this is it. I'm actually sad that it's completed. I would love to see the story continues. I definitely enjoyed reading this, lovely art, and hilarious at times lol
alicepoe5 Rating
So far I absolutely love this story and can't wait for more. I don't have any complaints about it so far.
AndreCR Rating
Great story I love everything about it.
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