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Broesa Rating
So this is not listed on Renta but this is actually the last story in a set of books that are loosely connected. I read the others before coming to this and got the full context. It is not required to read the other books but I think you will appreciate this story more and feel the full circle the book is presenting. That being said, this book has to be my favorite out of the series and it is very much welcomed if the author wishes to continue this universe in the future
ChiiMotosua Rating
Okay, here's my only complaint: I feel like we either needed a whole series or, we need a sequel. The story was really good: reconnecting, lost love, correcting past mistakes, etc. but we didn't really get to see them grow TOGETHER. I think that the author could have really flushed out the story more and made it more complicated but enjoyable if they didn't focus ONLY on getting back together. I would have loved to see the difficulties they faced as a new adult couple and how Kohei eventually is able to trust Toru again. THAT storyline would have bumped my score up to a 5, but it's a 4 because I feel like we could have gotten so much more. I really want to read about their continuing relationship.
alienxxi Rating
Another great work from Hidaka Shoko sensei! Totally in love with the way she delivers her works to the readers. It is not only abt the plot, but it always draws my emotions out. The angst in her stories are really good! I enjoy feeling hurt for her characters and the way their hurt redeems to happiness. I really really enjoyed reading this. Especially the FIRST LOVE theme, the story-telling was really good, unhurried and progressive. I like it. With just a few pages into this manga, I am already attached to her characters. I hope to see more of her works here!
TomatoKah91 Rating
Yes! I read After The Storm and loved it, and this has the same kind of bittersweet feel to it. But I loved it! Lovers reunited at last, is my all time fave trope and I can't wait to re-read. It pulled at my heart strings, it felt real.