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ChiiMotosua Rating
Okay, here's my only complaint: I feel like we either needed a whole series or, we need a sequel. The story was really good: reconnecting, lost love, correcting past mistakes, etc. but we didn't really get to see them grow TOGETHER. I think that the author could have really flushed out the story more and made it more complicated but enjoyable if they didn't focus ONLY on getting back together. I would have loved to see the difficulties they faced as a new adult couple and how Kohei eventually is able to trust Toru again. THAT storyline would have bumped my score up to a 5, but it's a 4 because I feel like we could have gotten so much more. I really want to read about their continuing relationship.
TomatoKah91 Rating
Yes! I read After The Storm and loved it, and this has the same kind of bittersweet feel to it. But I loved it! Lovers reunited at last, is my all time fave trope and I can't wait to re-read. It pulled at my heart strings, it felt real.
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