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secretobsession Rating
Not my cup of tea very disappointed.... this has “that” Yaoi trope in it, one I find disgusting. Kind of irritated that it was a permanent buy and not just for rent. Could have been a cute story if it wasn't for the last few pages
MissMaus Rating
NON-CON WARNING! Usually I don't continue with stories that begin with sexual assault, but I'm honestly interested in the back stories of the characters presented. However, this story's first major twist is violence, and if you're not interested, look elsewhere.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Yay!!!!! New hate-read material for my angry rants!!!! I really hate the use of sexual assault used as a form of sexual healing. Even if he didn't push him away it was still assault. Now he has a savior complex for a man that seems pretty stuck on his brother and used him for his own relief and had zero interest in his feelings. Now it seems like he's a little bit remorseful. And that's good enough? Yuck!!! Arts gorgeous tho!! And the characters seem too simple for this convoluted story. Pass?
FrenziedMage86 Rating
Once you get past the first “chapter” thats not so pleasant, the next is on its way to being a more interesting storyline.
ebookrenta0914v7tdq Rating
Reading all the reviews shown me how pathetic and wrong and quickly they judge. This story is cute I hope there will be more. The relationship is in movement its going to have its ups and downs.
EzoWrath Rating
It felt rushed in the first chapter. I feel like a lot of the character development was overshadowed by getting the “smut” out of the way. Personally I would have waited til later to add any sort of intimate act (if we should even call it that). I'm a little frustrated by the Uke's persistence on healing the beast seme despite what just happened. Idk. Once more chapters come out I'll be able to better judge it.
WorricksAngel Rating
Looking forward to more
ebookrenta0nfo7wp86 Rating
Everybody's crying but i particularly enjoyed the “noncon” bit. Sometimes things get problematic and if it's done right, it makes for a good story. Like this one.
chrissyjan2 Rating
Some non con in 1st chap but gets better from there. The art is nice.
Barbara Rating
????I can't believe Krieg had to go through that traumatic experience whilst growing up. I'm glad he was able to find his Avenue though he kept denying but gave in, in the end. Is there more?
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