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ebookrenta0vns8gr80 Rating
Different! I don't know where the story will go, but I love seeing a protagonist who knows what she wants and doesn't apologize for it. Hell yeah
Ziddler99 Rating
This is an interesting story. It is always the guy who goes for the sexy time never the girl. This girl knows what she wants! I like her! Let's see what the ML background is that they are not together. I like the art, very pretty. I love her predatory personality. This will be the main reason I will be looking forward to this new title.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Yuck!!! I don't like our heroine at all. I know it's a double standard issue, but I hate when my heroes are hoes too!!! She's completely lost sight of who she was in the beginning when she was just a singer songwriter. Her manager is a creep. Who does that after knowing she's been with someone else just minutes before? Gross. I'll be skipping
Ricelily Rating
It's a refreshing twist but it lacks a substance in characters and plot. It jumps right into the nasty bits and that's pretty much it. There apparently was some history between the characters but there's little to no context about it. I've read hentai comics that had a more solid plots but if you're still curious, it's at least worth renting.
Crookshanks25 Rating
I appreciate that the main character is so open with her sexual desires. It's probably my favorite thing about the series. Her forward, no nonsense approach is very refreshing and somewhat empowering. I also enjoyed the sex scenes. Unfortunately, the story seems to loose itself after the 3rd chapter. The main male lead goes from sexy to inconsiderate jerk. Still unable to call her anything but her stage name by the end of the series. Even though she doesn't want that!
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