User Reviews For: Make Me Hard -My Boss Doesn't Know How to Go Easy on Me-


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ebookrenta00lxdrm2h Rating
Woaa! It's a super fun to read our FL's really a damn straight forward fujoshi is on high level xD! Seriously?? Can you go around and just ask a random guy to let them show his *****?? Naaaa! I'd be embarrass asf*ck! Hahahaha! Well deserved a 5star for me. The Art is pretty good and i like them both. Thank you renta :)
Sittinadzra08 Rating
Yay!! I super love this mangaaaaaaa.. it's a masterpiece for me T.T the art and the story pace is really marvelous!! Well deserved a 5star!
Mrsmangame123 Rating
I love this!!!! Art is so pretty!!! Translation is definitely not the best, could be a lot better IMO. But the two leads are awesome!!! Girl is quirky and clueless and obsessed with her tops and bottoms lol!! And her boss seems quite taken with this little weirdo to be so willing to help her out. I love that he never pushes her for more than she can handle. That editor seems like a possible thorn in the male leads side. Can't wait for more updates!!!
PixiePinn Rating
I love how forward the female lead is. A true BL lover, with almost little to no shame. I love the male lead as well. He's a softie at heart.The art is great and the sex scenes are great.
Bunnione Rating
Just get it! Can't say it enough trust this is woohoo and yes!!! All over it!
mcpanda Rating
Content is good but there are a lot of translation typos like misspellings and awkward grammar...really takes away from the story.
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