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Mrsmangame123 Rating
OMG!!!! It's like a lesson in feudal life. It's true that many a samurai would take a young boy as a page and train them in everything, not just combat if you know what I mean. So if you can look past this and just treat it like most BLs than you might enjoy it. I love the I'm a girl that always gets mistaken for a boy trope, lol. So this is definitely a new approach to this story. Arts not horrible but it's definitely not pretty. And it moves at lightning speed. Next chapter will make or break it for me
Strick Rating
For a samurai who only takes pages to bed. He later confessed that he never bedded any of them. However he DID attempt oral sex on his MALE page and accept it in return when he thought she was a he. So, I dunno if hes bi or what at this point. And then she immediately falls in love with him! I'm confused but it's still a good read even tho his sexual orientation is kinda questionable!
digimonqq Rating
The story is pretty jumpy and cliché and the art isn't great either. I've read all 3 available chapters but will probably not buy anymore. If you're into typical and sappy shoujo mangas, you'll enjoy this. If you're looking for more original and interesting stories, then it's not for you.
ebookrenta0i2ymu1vq Rating
Well, i kinda like the draw. Tbh, i am not really into the story.
HorseObsessed Rating
I Love this story!!! & the Artwork!!! The Backgrounds are done very well too! That being said, I feel that it's incomplete. It could have been fleshed out more. There's a lot more to a story like this one. What's their future going to be? Do they end up getting married? Do they have children. If so, how many? Boys &/or girls? I'm assuming they teach both genders Kendo. How does their relationship evolve the children will never meet her side of the family, does she write to her brothers 500 yrs from then about everything that happened to her? And then there's Yoshimarus' story, can you say 'Spinoff'? I'm hoping Yoshimarus' story will be a Mature Romance title too, if the Mangaka chooses to revisit this series There's so much material here. I hope the author revisits this title & finishes it. There are also Aois' brothers, she's got at least two, right? There is so much material! I look forward to more of this series. HINT, HINT. ;()
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