User Reviews For: Master Munetaka's Useless Maid [Plus Bonus Page and Digital-Only Bonus]


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Ren Rating
Not too in-depth for story, but it's cute and sexy so that's a plus haha definitely has that type of “classic yaoi” vibe so fair warning with that, if you know what I mean. The art is ok, but to say that I'm disappointed that I bought this would be a lie. So, I can say that I really did overall like this manga :-)
Tintinabule Rating
Even though I was expecting a sadistic top, I was a bit uncomfortable with how forceful the 2 MC's first relation was. But then, as for this author's other works, it evolves in a really good "pervy and obsessed but caring" top and "innocent but willing" bottom relationship. Overall, I recommend!
yukixyuri13 Rating
This was the cutest ever. The sub is cute, sweet and clueless. And the dom is as demanding as ever. Though he has his sweet inner thoughts. The art work was great and the story line was cute. And it made sense. Unlike some others I've read. I bought it and I don't regret it at all.
HorseObsessed Rating
I LOVE THE ARTWORK!!! It's so intricate!!! And NO SHADOW/GHOST PEOPLE!!! YAY!!! THANK YOU, CHIFUYU!!! I Love/have all of Chifuyu's titles that are on this site, I Love them all. PLEASE continue to NOT USE the Ghost/Shadow People templates. ??^^
Destastic Rating
I enjoyed reading this selection very much
yellowdoors Rating
This was super cute and really hot! The age difference was a bit drastic. Over all I'm glad I bought it and didn't rent it!
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