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Capitulate Rating
If the art wasn't so nice it wouldn't even be worth two stars. Yamato sucks donkey balls. He's mad the MC once rejected him so he treats her abusively now that she's finally interested in him as more than a friend. The gross male lead isn't the only problem. The story is disjointed and sequence of events hard to pin down. So far it's missing any scene of Shiori propositioning Yamato for a physical relationship. I personally don't hate on pushover heroines, but many readers will dislike Shiori for being such a doormat. Still the worst thing is that it isn't sexy. The visuals aren't bad, but the heroine saying it's violent and hurts every time just kill it. Supposedly she loves him so much that the pain is 'good pain'. -_-; The clown even hurts her during foreplay. It really just seems like he's bad at it. I'm sure he'll eventually learn why she was forced to quit track and that he's her first and contritely pull a 180 transforming from dud to stud, but I'm not sticking around for it.
TVKat Rating
Bruh the protag drools like a dog, theres much slobber is this love manga from both the protag and the love interest that it can lube up the dry hand job that this love manga's attempt any romance. Usually when you start a story with “Well that escalated quickly” smut the first two to four pages 9 times outta 10 It's decentish. Reading this was like riding that one ride at the cheap carnivals or festivals that goes in a constant loop and couple bumps, you know the one. Also love interest is a DOUCHECANOE like those entitled dudes that get rejected by their crush get their fweewings hurt then that's their excuse to treat women like garbage. Not just the protag but the girl he used for “can you seeing that pussy in the window” to make the protag jelly. Then the protag does the dumb hoe dance that we've all played before and has sloppy sex with him again. Icing on the cake he asks her to suck his dick then gets mad, BOI WHY!!!?
DHime86 Rating
This one takes time to get into. But if you give it a chance it's actually not too bad. Main premise is that this is what happens when emo teens don't communicate and use their words. FL is still hung up on the fact she screwed up her own love life by turning down the ML. But big surprise there are reasons! Net net she's got regrets and then they get into a really messed up and basically abusive relationship until he discovers her big secret... that she got hit by a drunk driver and almost died. So now he's got HUGE regret for having treated the girl he's always loved the way he did. So they some how manage to talk things out or sort out somethings. Still not complete so I'm sure there's gonna be more drama ahead, but all in all I didn't hate it. Art is good, love scenes are decent, and story progresses enough to get some actual character development. Giving it 4 out of 5, bc it takes a few volumes to pickup to a decent pace.
Sittinadzra08 Rating
I give five star for the Arts! The author never missed to amazed me by their Arts thoug, the story seems fuckup and ML's side story didn't catch me alot. I still reading this and see for further notice so, thanks for bringing the titles and keep updating. I wish some abandon manga can be updated as well xD
Meee Rating
Good stiry
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