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Mrsmangame123 Rating
This is such an interesting take on the straight guy and porn guy story. No blackmail. No shame. Just honesty. I'm definitely curious about Shu. Is he Bi? Gay? Is Koiichi he's type? I really can't get a good read on him yet. But he sure is the helpful sort ;) and Koiichi is soooo innocent. And he had red flags going off but this Shu guys very believable. So this seems like it'll be a light story but maybe not? Idk. Arts not my favorite but it's still got some promise.
Seranwrap99 Rating
I love everything about this!!! Very hot but the MC is also super cute! Definitely recommend purchasing!
DragonRider Rating
The 1st 4 chapters were really sweet and caring. Shu leads Koichi with a lot of care and attention, its nice to see that in BL. The 5th chapter kinda feels like its angry, rushed, and the dialogue doesnt quite fit the characters...Anyways, the artwork is pretty and I dont regret purchasing this story.
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