User Reviews For: I Always Wanted You -An Unarranged Marriage with My Boss-


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
This sure does get to the meat and potatoes rather quickly huh? Rima loves her gramps and wants to fulfill her longtime dream of getting married at the same chapel her grandparents were married in before he passes. But her arranged groom goes awol. Who steps in? Her stern and hardworking boss!!! He professes his love and things quickly get heated. Rima seems to be going along for the ride. This is fast paced. Not sure how this will go, but he's all in!!! Arts ok. Kinda cute. TBD
Ishi1199 Rating
This is pretty steamy, i keep waiting for updates!
Cocoterie Rating
Although it's a bit fast-paced, it's really cute! I love how the FL and ML don't dwell on things too much so far and the ML is quite enjoyable as well with his stoic and straightforward demeanor. Their interactions are just so cute and fluffy. I also like the art, simple and cute.
antiem Rating
I like this manga so much that I looked for it and paid to read it. It is a very nice manga, but I wish it wasn't censored and that they finally get married for real!!
swimmergal1207 Rating
A lot of Fluff, it's heartwarming and sweet, and the sex is HOT! Seriously can't wait to see Rima fight for her man!!
BBWsongbird Rating
Absolutely a must read. A sweet kind of love.
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